Mr Donald Williams formed the ADB Williams Trust and before he passed away in 1983 he gifted his Otope, Dannevirke, Pukemiro Station to the Trust. One of the objects of the Trust was the promotion of training and education in farming.

In 1985 three students from Dannevirke High School were the first beneficiaries of the Trust. Each was granted a full University fee bursary for each of the three years to help them throughout their studies. The Trust continued to grant various tertiary

bursaries until 2018.

Since 1985 many community organisations have benefited from the Charitable Trusts contributions, particularly in the Tararua district.

Pukemiro Station and the adjoining Awakeri initially were part of the Otawhoa Block.  Pukemiro was inherited by Donald  Williams mother and his Aunt inherited Awakeri and this was later sold by her family.

In 2013 Awakeri again was placed on the market for sale.  Seldom do adjoining properties become available and the Trust thought it was a good an opportunity to purchase Awakeri  and amalgamate the two properties once again.

The amalgamation of the two properties plus the purchase of a summer safe property, Otawa in 2002 was a catalyst for the Trustees to review the operation to continue delivering the objects of the Trust Deed – to help young men and women develop their careers in agriculture.

Students from Taratahi Agricultural Institute in Masterton were taught on farm during 2014 – 2017.

In 2018 the Pukemiro Cadetship Scheme was established and the Trust welcomed the first three cadets to their 2 year course.  In 2019 the second intake of Cadets joined them.


To help young men and women develop their careers in agriculture and encourage them along that path.


Provide a learning environment to enhance and inspire youth within agriculture in which they grow as individuals.


Cultivating the next generation of farmers.