• 930ha effective

  • 5,500 Romney breeding ewes

  • 125 Hereford X Fresian breeding cows

  • 300 cattle finished

  • 8,000 lambs finished

Pukemiro is a mixed breeding and finishing property which is typically summer dry.  The hills are home to 5,500 Romney breeding ewes and 125 Hereford/Friesian cross breeding cows. The flats and rolling country are utilised to finish all lambs and calves bred at Pukemiro and Coonoor.


Additional bulls and trade lambs purchased as the season allows and utilise a variety of forage crops grown on the property.  The majority of stock work is completed using vehicles, however horses are utilised at times (e.g. docking and cattle work) and provide recreational opportunities for staff and cadets in weekends and after hours.

  • 418 ha

  • 1,700 replacement Romney ewe hoggets

  • 700 Romney ewes

  • 100 Angus X breeding cows

  • 45 Charolais Simmental x weaner heifers

Coonoor block is located in the summer safe district of Coonoor, 30 minutes South East of Pukemiro.

The replacement ewe lambs are transferred from Pukemiro to Coonoor in late January where they are grown out to produce a lamb as a hogget.  They return to Pukemiro as a two tooth the following Autumn.


The majority of lambs and calves bred at Coonoor are sent to Pukemiro for finishing.

Coonoor is run by a Block Manager who lives out on the farm.